RockyLinux8 全コマンド一覧(最小構成)



Rocky Linuxのコマンド一覧をまとめました。



Rocky Linux release 8.6 (Green Obsidian)


Rocky Linux
Rocky Linux is an open enterprise Operating System designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Enterprise Linux.


2freefragreport free space fragmentation information
2fsckcheck a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
2imageSave critical ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem metadata to a file
2labelChange the label on an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
2mmpstatusCheck MMP status of an ext4 filesystem
2undoReplay an undo log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
4cryptext4 filesystem encryption utility
4defragonline defragmenter for ext4 filesystem
NetworkManagernetwork management daemon
TuneDdynamic adaptive system tuning daemon
absset tabs on a terminal
acconcatenate and print files in reverse
accessdbdumps the content of a man-db database in a human readable format
addgnupghomeCreate .gnupg home directories
addparttell the kernel about the existence of a partition
agettyalternative Linux getty
ailoutput the last part of files
alternativesmaintain symbolic links determining default commands
amdteam network device control daemon
amdctlteam daemon control tool
amnlteam network device Netlink interface tool
anacronruns commands periodically
applygnupgdefaultsRun gpgconf –apply-defaults for all users.
aran archiving utility
archprint machine hardware name (same as uname -m)
arpduserspace arp daemon.
arpingsend ARP REQUEST to a neighbour host
asksetset or retrieve a process’s CPU affinity
auditctla utility to assist controlling the kernel’s audit system
auditdThe Linux Audit daemon
augenrulesa script that merges component audit rule files
aulasta program similar to last
aulastloga program similar to lastlog
aureporta tool that produces summary reports of audit daemon logs
ausearcha tool to query audit daemon logs
ausyscalla program that allows mapping syscall names and numbers
autracea program similar to strace
auvirta program that shows data related to virtual machines
avcstatDisplay SELinux AVC statistics
b2sumcompute and check BLAKE2 message digest
badblockssearch a device for bad blocks
base32base32 encode/decode data and print to standard output
base64base64 encode/decode data and print to standard output
basenamestrip directory and suffix from filenames
bashGNU Bourne-Again SHell
bashbugreport a bug in bash
biosdecodeBIOS information decoder
biosdevnamegive BIOS-given name of a device
blformat tables for troff
blkdeactivate ― utility to deactivate block devices
blkdiscarddiscard sectors on a device
blkidlocate/print block device attributes
blkzonerun zone command on a device
blockdevcall block device ioctls from the command line
bond2team ― Converts bonding configuration to team
bootctlControl the firmware and boot manager settings
bridgeshow / manipulate bridge addresses and devices
btablesEthernet bridge frame table administration (nft-based)
busctlIntrospect the bus
ca-legacyManage the system configuration for legacy CA certificates
cache_checkvalidates cache metadata on a device or file.
cache_dumpdump cache metadata from device or file to standard output.
cache_metadata_sizeEstimate the size of the metadata device needed for a given configu‐
cache_repairrepair cache binary metadata from device/file to device/file.
cache_restorerestore cache metadata file to device or file.
cache_writebackwriteback dirty blocks to the origin device.
caldisplay a calendar
capshcapability shell wrapper
captoinfoconvert a termcap description into a terminfo description
catconcatenate files and print on the standard output
cfdiskdisplay or manipulate a disk partition table
chaclchange the access control list of a file or directory
chattrchange file attributes on a Linux file system
chconchange file SELinux security context
chcpuconfigure CPUs
chgpasswdupdate group passwords in batch mode
chgrpchange group ownership
chkconfigupdates and queries runlevel information for system services
chmemconfigure memory
chmodchange file mode bits
chodisplay a line of text
chownchange file owner and group
chronyccommand-line interface for chrony daemon
chronydchrony daemon
chrootrun command or interactive shell with special root directory
chrtmanipulate the real-time attributes of a process
chvtchange foreground virtual terminal
cksumchecksum and count the bytes in a file
clearclear the terminal screen
clockdiffmeasure clock difference between hosts
cmpcompare two files byte by byte
colfilter reverse line feeds from input
colcrtfilter nroff output for CRT previewing
colrmremove columns from a file
columncolumnate lists
commcompare two sorted files line by line
consoletypeprint type of the console connected to standard input
coredumpctlRetrieve and process saved core dumps and metadata
cpcopy files and directories
cpiocopy files to and from archives
cpupowerShows and sets processor power related values
cracklib-checkCheck passwords using libcrack2
cracklib-format, cracklib-packer, cracklib-unpackercracklib dictionary utilities
create-cracklib-dictCheck passwords using libcrack2
cronddaemon to execute scheduled commands
cronnexttime of next job cron will execute
crontabmaintains crontab files for individual users
crontabsconfiguration and scripts for running periodical jobs
csplitsplit a file into sections determined by context lines
ctrlaltdelset the function of the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination
curltransfer a URL
cutremove sections from each line of files
cvtsudoersconvert between sudoers file formats
dateprint or set the system date and time
db_archiveFind unused log files for archival
db_checkpointPeriodically checkpoint transactions
db_deadlockDetect deadlocks and abort lock requests
db_dumpWrite database file using flat-text format
db_hotbackupCreate “hot backup” or “hot failover” snapshots
db_loadRead and load data from standard input
db_log_verifyVerify log files of a database environment
db_printlogDumps log files into a human-readable format
db_recoverRecover the database to a consistent state
db_replicateProvide replication services
db_statDisplay environment statistics
db_tuneranalyze and tune btree database
db_upgradeUpgrade files and databases to the current release version.
db_verifyVerify the database structure
dbus-binding-toolC language GLib bindings generation utility.
dbus-cleanup-socketsclean up leftover sockets in a directory
dbus-daemonMessage bus daemon
dbus-monitordebug probe to print message bus messages
dbus-run-sessionstart a process as a new D-Bus session
dbus-sendSend a message to a message bus
dbus-test-toolD-Bus traffic generator and test tool
dbus-update-activation-environmentupdate environment used for D-Bus session services
dbus-uuidgenUtility to generate UUIDs
dcbshow / manipulate DCB (Data Center Bridging) settings
ddconvert and copy a file
deallocvtdeallocate unused virtual consoles
debugfsext2/ext3/ext4 file system debugger
delparttell the kernel to forget about a partition
depmodGenerate modules.dep and map files.
devlinkDevlink tool
dfreport file system disk space usage
diffcompare files line by line
diff3compare three files line by line
dirlist directory contents
dircolorscolor setup for ls
dirmngrCRL and OCSP daemon
dirmngr-clientTool to access the Dirmngr services
dirnamestrip last component from file name
dmesgprint or control the kernel ring buffer
dmeventdDevice-mapper event daemon
dmfilemapddevice-mapper filemap monitoring daemon
dmidecodeDMI table decoder
dmsetuplow level logical volume management
dmstatsdevice-mapper statistics management
dnfDNF Command Reference
dracutlow-level tool for generating an initramfs/initrd image
duestimate file space usage
dumpe2fsdump ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem information
dumpkeysdump keyboard translation tables
factorfactor numbers
faillockTool for displaying and modifying the authentication failure record files
fallocatepreallocate or deallocate space to a file
falsedo nothing, unsuccessfully
fdformatlow-level format a floppy disk
fdiskmanipulate disk partition table
fgconsoleprint the number of the active VT.
filedetermine file type
filefragreport on file fragmentation
fincorecount pages of file contents in core
findsearch for files in a directory hierarchy
findfsfind a filesystem by label or UUID
findmntfind a filesystem
fips-finish-installcomplete the instalation of FIPS modules.
fips-mode-setupCheck or enable the system FIPS mode.
firewall-cmdfirewalld command line client
firewall-offline-cmdfirewalld offline command line client
firewalldDynamic Firewall Manager
fixfilesfix file SELinux security contexts.
flockmanage locks from shell scripts
fmtsimple optimal text formatter
foldwrap each input line to fit in specified width
freeDisplay amount of free and used memory in the system
fsadmutility to resize or check filesystem on a device
fsckcheck and repair a Linux filesystem
fsck.cramfsfsck compressed ROM file system
fsck.minixcheck consistency of Minix filesystem
fsck.xfsdo nothing, successfully
fsfreezesuspend access to a filesystem (Ext3/4, ReiserFS, JFS, XFS)
fstrimdiscard unused blocks on a mounted filesystem
fuseconfiguration and mount options for FUSE file systems
fuse2fsFUSE file system client for ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems
fuseridentify processes using files or sockets
gapplicationD-Bus application launcher
gawkpattern scanning and processing language
gdbm_dumpdump a GDBM database to a file
gdbm_loadre-create a GDBM database from a dump file.
gdbmtoolexamine and modify a GDBM database
gdbusTool for working with D-Bus objects
genhomedircongenerate SELinux file context configuration entries for user home directo‐
genhostidgenerate and set a hostid for the current host
genlgeneric netlink utility frontend
genl-ctrl-listList available kernel-side Generic Netlink families
getcapexamine file capabilities
getenforceget the current mode of SELinux
getfaclget file access control lists
getkeycodesprint kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table
getoptparse command options (enhanced)
getpcapsdisplay process capabilities
getseboolget SELinux boolean value(s)
gettexttranslate message
gioGIO commandline tool
glib-compile-schemasGSettings schema compiler
gpgOpenPGP encryption and signing tool
gpg-agentSecret key management for GnuPG
gpg-connect-agentCommunicate with a running agent
gpg-wks-serverServer providing the Web Key Service
gpgconfModify .gnupg home directories
gpgparsemailParse a mail message into an annotated format
gpgsmCMS encryption and signing tool
gpgvVerify OpenPGP signatures
grep, egrep, fgrepprint lines matching a pattern
grofffront-end for the groff document formatting system
gropsPostScript driver for groff
grottygroff driver for typewriter-like devices
groupmemsadminister members of a user’s primary group
groupsprint the groups a user is in
grub-bios-setupSet up images to boot from a device.
grub-editenvManage the GRUB environment block.
grub-fileCheck if FILE is of specified type.
grub-fstestDebug tool for GRUB’s filesystem driver.
grub-get-kernel-settingsEvaluate the system’s kernel installation settings for use
grub-glue-efiCreate an Apple fat EFI binary.
grub-installInstall GRUB on a device.
grub-kbdcompGenerate a GRUB keyboard layout file.
grub-menulst2cfgConvert a configuration file from GRUB 0.xx to GRUB 2.xx format.
grub-mkconfigGenerate a GRUB configuration file.
grub-mkfontConvert common font file formats into the PF2 format.
grub-mkimageMake a bootable GRUB image.
grub-mklayoutGenerate a GRUB keyboard layout file.
grub-mknetdirPrepare a GRUB netboot directory.
grub-mkpasswd-pbkdf2Generate a PBKDF2 password hash.
grub-mkrelpathGenerate a relative GRUB path given an OS path.
grub-mkrescueGenerate a GRUB rescue image using GNU Xorriso.
grub-mkstandaloneGenerate a standalone image in the selected format.
grub-ofpathnameGenerate an IEEE-1275 device path for a specified device.
grub-probeProbe device information for a given path.
grub-rebootSet the default boot menu entry for the next boot only.
grub-rpm-sortSort input according to RPM version compare.
grub-script-checkCheck GRUB configuration file for syntax errors.
grub-set-bootflagSet a bootflag in the GRUB environment block.
grub-set-defaultSet the default boot menu entry for GRUB.
grub-set-passwordGenerate the user.cfg file containing the hashed grub bootloader pass‐
grub-sparc64-setupSet up a device to boot a sparc64 GRUB image.
grub-switch-to-blscfgSwitch to using BLS config files.
grub-syslinux2cfgTransform a syslinux config file into a GRUB config.
grubbycommand line tool for configuring grub and zipl
gsettingsGSettings configuration tool
gzexecompress executable files in place
gzip, gunzip, zcatcompress or expand files
halt, poweroff, rebootHalt, power-off or reboot the machine
hardlinkConsolidate duplicate files via hardlinks
hdparmget/set SATA/IDE device parameters
headoutput the first part of files
hexdumpdisplay file contents in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, or ascii
hin_checkvalidates thin provisioning metadata on a device or file
hin_deltaPrint the differences in the mappings between two thin devices.
hin_dumpdump thin provisioning metadata from device or file to standard output.
hin_lsList thin volumes within a pool.
hin_metadata_packpack thin provisioning binary metadata.
hin_metadata_sizethin provisioning metadata device/file size calculator.
hin_metadata_unpackunpack thin provisioning binary metadata.
hin_repairrepair thin provisioning binary metadata.
hin_restorerestore thin provisioning metadata file to device or file.
hin_rmapoutput reverse map of a thin provisioned region of blocks from metadata device
hin_trimIssue discard requests for free pool space (offline tool).
hostidprint the numeric identifier for the current host
hostnameshow or set the system’s host name
hostnamectlControl the system hostname
htoolquery or control network driver and hardware settings
hwclocktime clocks utility
icthe terminfo entry-description compiler
idprint real and effective user and group IDs
ifcfgsimplistic script which replaces ifconfig IP management
ifenslaveAttach and detach slave network devices to a bonding device.
ifstathandy utility to read network interface statistics
imedatectlControl the system time and date
imedatexD-Bus service for system clock and RTC settings
imeoutrun a command with a time limit
inforead Info documents
infocmpcompare or print out terminfo descriptions
infotocapconvert a terminfo description into a termcap description
insmodSimple program to insert a module into the Linux Kernel
installcopy files and set attributes
install-infoupdate info/dir entries
installkerneltool to script kernel installation
ioniceset or get process I/O scheduling class and priority
ipshow / manipulate routing, network devices, interfaces and tunnels
ipca TIPC configuration and management tool
ipcmkmake various IPC resources
ipcrmremove certain IPC resources
ipcsshow information on IPC facilities
iprconfigIBM Power RAID storage adapter configuration/recovery utility
iprdbgIBM Power RAID storage adapter debug utility
iprdumpIBM Power RAID adapter dump utility
iprinitIBM Power RAID adapter/device initialization utility
iprsosIBM Power RAID report generator
iprupdateIBM Power RAID adapter/device microcode update utility
ipsetadministration tool for IP sets
iptables-applya safer way to update iptables remotely
iptables-restoreRestore IP Tables
iptables-savedump iptables rules
iptables-translatetranslation tool to migrate from iptables to nftables
iptables/ip6tablesadministration tool for IPv4/IPv6 packet filtering and NAT
irqbalancedistribute hardware interrupts across processors on a multiprocessor system
isosizeoutput the length of an iso9660 filesystem
jecteject removable media
joinjoin lines of two files on a common field
journalctlQuery the systemd journal
kbd_modereport or set the keyboard mode
kbdinfoobtain information about the status of a console
kbdratereset the keyboard repeat rate and delay time
kdumpctlcontrol interface for kdump
kernel-installAdd and remove kernel and initramfs images to and from /boot
kexecdirectly boot into a new kernel
killterminate a process
killallkill processes by name
kmodProgram to manage Linux Kernel modules
kpartxCreate device maps from partition tables.
kvm_statReport KVM kernel module event counters
last, lastbshow a listing of last logged in users
lastloglastlog ファイルを調べる
lchageDisplay or change user password policy
lchfnChange finger information
lchshChange login shell
ldattachattach a line discipline to a serial line
lessopposite of more
lessechoexpand metacharacters
lesskeyspecify key bindings for less
lgroupaddAdd an user group
lgroupdelDelete an user group
lgroupmodModify an user group
lidDisplay user’s groups or group’s users
linitChange SysV runlevel
linkcall the link function to create a link to a file
lnmake links between files
lnewusersCreate new user accounts
lnstatunified linux network statistics
loadgraphic representation of system load average
load_policyload a new SELinux policy into the kernel
loadkeysload keyboard translation tables
loadunimapload the kernel unicode-to-font mapping table
localectlControl the system locale and keyboard layout settings
loggerenter messages into the system log
loginbegin session on the system
loginctlControl the systemd login manager
lognameprint user´s login name
logrotate ‐ rotates, compresses, and mails system logs
logsavesave the output of a command in a logfile
lookdisplay lines beginning with a given string
losetupset up and control loop devices
lpasswdChange group or user password
lslist directory contents
lsattrlist file attributes on a Linux second extended file system
lsblklist block devices
lscpudisplay information about the CPU architecture
lshwlist hardware
lsinitrdtool to show the contents of an initramfs image
lsipcshow information on IPC facilities currently employed in the system
lsloginsdisplay information about known users in the system
lsmemlist the ranges of available memory with their online status
lsmodShow the status of modules in the Linux Kernel
lspcilist all PCI devices
lsscsilist SCSI devices (or hosts), list NVMe devices
luseraddAdd an user
luserdelDelete an user
lusermodModify an user
lvchangeChange the attributes of logical volume(s)
lvconvertlogical volume layout
lvcreateCreate a logical volume
lvdisplayDisplay information about a logical volume
lvextendAdd space to a logical volume
lvmLVM2 tools
lvm_import_vdoutility to import VDO volumes into a new volume group.
lvmconfigDisplay and manipulate configuration information
lvmdevicesManage the devices file
lvmdiskscanList devices that may be used as physical volumes
lvmdumpcreate lvm2 information dumps for diagnostic purposes
lvmpolldLVM poll daemon
lvmsadcLVM system activity data collector
lvmsarLVM system activity reporter
lvreduceReduce the size of a logical volume
lvremoveRemove logical volume(s) from the system
lvrenameRename a logical volume
lvresizeResize a logical volume
lvsDisplay information about logical volumes
lvscanList all logical volumes in all volume groups
makedumpfilemake a small dumpfile of kdump
mapscrnload screen output mapping table
matchpathconget the default SELinux security context for the specified path from the
mcookiegenerate magic cookies for xauth
md5sumcompute and check MD5 message digest
mesgdisplay (or do not display) messages from other users
mkdirmake directories
mkdumprdcreates initial ramdisk images for kdump crash recovery
mke2fscreate an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
mkfifomake FIFOs (named pipes)
mkfsbuild a Linux filesystem
mkfs.cramfsmake compressed ROM file system
mkfs.minixmake a Minix filesystem
mkfs.xfsconstruct an XFS filesystem
mkhomedir_helperHelper binary that creates home directories
mkinitrdis a compat wrapper, which calls dracut to generate an initramfs
mklost+foundcreate a lost+found directory on a mounted Linux second extended file sys‐
mknodmake block or character special files
mksquashfstool to create and append to squashfs filesystems
mksquashfstool to uncompress squashfs filesystems
mkswapset up a Linux swap area
mktempcreate a temporary file or directory
modinfoShow information about a Linux Kernel module
modprobeAdd and remove modules from the Linux Kernel
modulemd-validatormanual page for modulemd-validator 2.13.0
morefile perusal filter for crt viewing
mountmount a filesystem
mountpointsee if a directory or file is a mountpoint
msgattribattribute matching and manipulation on message catalog
msgcatcombines several message catalogs
msgcmpcompare message catalog and template
msgcommmatch two message catalogs
msgconvcharacter set conversion for message catalog
msgencreate English message catalog
msgexecprocess translations of message catalog
msgfilteredit translations of message catalog
msgfmtcompile message catalog to binary format
msggreppattern matching on message catalog
msginitinitialize a message catalog
msgmergemerge message catalog and template
msgunfmtuncompile message catalog from binary format
msguniqunify duplicate translations in message catalog
mvmove (rename) files
nameifollow a pathname until a terminal point is found
ndptool ― Neighbor Discovery Protocol tool
neqnformat equations for ascii output
newgidmapset the gid mapping of a user namespace
newuidmapset the uid mapping of a user namespace
nftAdministration tool of the nftables framework for packet filtering and
ngettexttranslate message and choose plural form
nicerun a program with modified scheduling priority
nlnumber lines of files
nl-classid-lookupLookup classid definitions
nl-pktloc-lookupLookup packet location definitions
nm-onlineask NetworkManager whether the network is connected
nmclicommand-line tool for controlling NetworkManager
nmtuiText User Interface for controlling NetworkManager
nohuprun a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty
nologinpolitely refuse a login
nprocprint the number of processing units available
nroffemulate nroff command with groff
nsenterrun program with namespaces of other processes
nstat, rtacctnetwork statistics tools.
numfmtConvert numbers from/to human-readable strings
nvrun a program in a modified environment
nvsubstsubstitutes environment variables in shell format strings
oddump files in octal and other formats
oetable of (terminfo) entries
opdisplay Linux processes
opensslOpenSSL command line tool
openvtstart a program on a new virtual terminal (VT).
ouchchange file timestamps
ownershipCompaq ownership tag retriever
p11-kitTool for operating on configured PKCS#11 modules
pam_console_applyset or revoke permissions for users at the system console
pam_timestamp_checkCheck to see if the default timestamp is valid
parteda partition manipulation program
partprobeinform the OS of partition table changes
partxtell the kernel about the presence and numbering of on-disk partitions
pastemerge lines of files
pathchkcheck whether file names are valid or portable
peekfdpeek at file descriptors of running processes
pgrep, pkilllook up or signal processes based on name and other attributes
piccompile pictures for troff or TeX
pidof — find the process ID of a running program.
pigz, unpigzcompress or expand files
pingsend ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts
pinkylightweight finger
pivot_rootchange the root filesystem
pkactionGet details about a registered action
pkcheckCheck whether a process is authorized
pkexecExecute a command as another user
pkla-admin-identitiesList pklocalauthority-configured polkit administrators
pkla-check-authorizationEvaluate pklocalauthority authorization configuration
pkttyagentTextual authentication helper
plymouthSend commands to plymouthd
plymouth-set-default-themeSet the plymouth theme
plymouthdThe plymouth daemon
pmapreport memory map of a process
prconvert text files for printing
preconvconvert encoding of input files to something GNU troff understands
printenvprint all or part of environment
printfformat and print data
prtstatprint statistics of a process
psreport a snapshot of the current processes.
psfaddtableadd a Unicode character table to a console font
psfgettableextract the embedded Unicode character table from a console font
psfstriptableremove the embedded Unicode character table from a console font
psfxtablehandle Unicode character tables for console fonts
pslog- report current logs path of a process
pstreedisplay a tree of processes
ptxproduce a permuted index of file contents
put, resetinitialize a terminal or query terminfo database
pvchangeChange attributes of physical volume(s)
pvckCheck metadata on physical volumes
pvcreateInitialize physical volume(s) for use by LVM
pvdisplayDisplay various attributes of physical volume(s)
pvmoveMove extents from one physical volume to another
pvremoveRemove LVM label(s) from physical volume(s)
pvresizeResize physical volume(s)
pvsDisplay information about physical volumes
pvscanList all physical volumes
pwconv, pwunconv, grpconv, grpunconvパスワード・グループの shadow 化と、通常ファイルへ
pwdprint name of current/working directory
pwdxreport current working directory of a process
pwhistory_helperHelper binary that transfers password hashes from passwd or shadow to
pwmakesimple tool for generating random relatively easily pronounceable passwords
pwscoresimple configurable tool for checking quality of a password
qnformat equations for troff or MathML
rtranslate or delete characters
ra_checkvalidate era metadata on device or file.
ra_dumpdump era metadata from device or file to standard output.
ra_invalidateProvide a list of blocks that have changed since a particular era.
ra_restorerestore era metadata file to device or file.
racepath, tracepath6traces path to a network host discovering MTU along this path
rawbind a Linux raw character device
rdiscnetwork router discovery daemon
rdmaRDMA tool
readlinkprint resolved symbolic links or canonical file names
readprofileread kernel profiling information
realpathprint the resolved path
recode-sr-latinconvert Serbian text from Cyrillic to Latin script
renamerename files
renicealter priority of running processes
rescan-scsi-bus.shscript to add and remove SCSI devices without rebooting
resize2fsext2/ext3/ext4 file system resizer
resizeconschange kernel idea of the console size
resizeparttell the kernel about the new size of a partition
resolvectl, resolvconfResolve domain names, IPV4 and IPv6 addresses, DNS resource
restoreconrestore file(s) default SELinux security contexts.
restorecon_xattrmanage security.restorecon_last extended attribute entries added by
revreverse lines characterwise
rfkilltool for enabling and disabling wireless devices
rmremove files or directories
rmdirremove empty directories
rmmodSimple program to remove a module from the Linux Kernel
roffthe troff processor of the groff text formatting system
routellist routes with pretty output format
rpmRPM パッケージマネージャ
rpm2cpioRPM (RPM Package Manager)パッケージから cpio アーカイブを 抽出する
rpmdbRPM Database Tool
rpmkeysRPM Keyring
rsyslogdreliable and extended syslogd
rtcwakeenter a system sleep state until specified wakeup time
rtmonlistens to and monitors RTnetlink
rtprreplace backslashes with newlines.
ruedo nothing, successfully
runcateshrink or extend the size of a file to the specified size
runconrun command with specified SELinux security context
runlevelPrint previous and current SysV runlevel
runuserrun a command with substitute user and group ID
rustTool for operating on the trust policy store
scpsecure copy (remote file copy program)
scriptmake typescript of terminal session
scriptreplayplay back typescripts, using timing information
scsi_logging_levelaccess Linux SCSI logging level information
scsi_mandatcheck SCSI device support for mandatory commands
scsi_readcapdo SCSI READ CAPACITY command on disks
scsi_readydo SCSI TEST UNIT READY on devices
scsi_satlcheck SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) device support
scsi_startstart one or more SCSI disks
scsi_stopstop (spin down) one or more SCSI disks
scsi_temperaturefetch the temperature of a SCSI device
sdiffside-by-side merge of file differences
seconSee an SELinux context, from a file, program or user input.
secret-toolStore and retrieve passwords
sedstream editor for filtering and transforming text
sefcontext_compilecompile file context regular expression files
selinuxconlistlist all SELinux context reachable for user
selinuxdefconreport default SELinux context for user
selinuxenabledtool to be used within shell scripts to determine if selinux is enabled
selinuxexecconreport SELinux context used for this executable
semoduleManage SELinux policy modules.
semodule_expandExpand a SELinux policy module package.
semodule_linkLink SELinux policy module packages together
semodule_packageCreate a SELinux policy module package.
semodule_unpackageExtract policy module and file context file from an SELinux policy
seqprint a sequence of numbers
servicerun a System V init script
sestatusSELinux status tool
set, resetterminal initialization
setarchchange reported architecture in new program environment and set personality
setcapset file capabilities
setenforcemodify the mode SELinux is running in
setfaclset file access control lists
setfilesset SELinux file security contexts.
setfontload EGA/VGA console screen font
setkeycodesload kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table entries
setledsset the keyboard leds
setmetamodedefine the keyboard meta key handling
setpciconfigure PCI devices
setprivrun a program with different Linux privilege settings
setseboolset SELinux boolean value
setsidrun a program in a new session
settermset terminal attributes
setvtrgbset the virtual terminal RGB colors
sfdiskdisplay or manipulate a disk partition table
sftpsecure file transfer program
sg_bg_ctlsend SCSI BACKGROUND CONTROL command
sg_compare_and_writesend the SCSI COMPARE AND WRITE command
sg_copy_resultssend SCSI RECEIVE COPY RESULTS command (XCOPY related)
sg_ddcopy data to and from files and devices, especially SCSI devices
sg_decode_sensedecode SCSI sense and related data
sg_emc_trespasschange ownership of SCSI LUN from another Service-Processor to this one
sg_formatformat, resize a SCSI disk or format a tape
sg_get_configsend SCSI GET CONFIGURATION command (MMC-4 +)
sg_get_lba_statussend SCSI GET LBA STATUS(16 or 32) command
sg_inqissue SCSI INQUIRY command and/or decode its response
sg_logsaccess log pages with SCSI LOG SENSE command
sg_lunssend SCSI REPORT LUNS command or decode given LUN
sg_mapdisplays mapping between Linux sg and other SCSI devices
sg_map26map SCSI generic (sg) device to corresponding device names
sg_modesreads mode pages with SCSI MODE SENSE command
sg_opcodesreport supported SCSI commands or task management functions
sg_persistuse SCSI PERSISTENT RESERVE command to access registrations and reservations
sg_rawsend arbitrary SCSI command to a device
sg_rbufreads data using SCSI READ BUFFER command
sg_rdacdisplay or modify SCSI RDAC Redundant Controller mode page
sg_readread multiple blocks of data, optionally with SCSI READ commands
sg_read_attrsend SCSI READ ATTRIBUTE command
sg_read_block_limitssend SCSI READ BLOCK LIMITS command
sg_read_buffersend SCSI READ BUFFER command
sg_read_longsend a SCSI READ LONG command
sg_readcapsend SCSI READ CAPACITY command
sg_reassignsend SCSI REASSIGN BLOCKS command
sg_referralssend SCSI REPORT REFERRALS command
sg_rep_zonessend SCSI REPORT ZONES command
sg_requestssend one or more SCSI REQUEST SENSE commands
sg_resetsends SCSI device, target, bus or host reset; or checks reset state
sg_reset_wpsend SCSI RESET WRITE POINTER command
sg_safteaccess SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosure (SAF-TE) device
sg_sanitizeremove all user data from disk with SCSI SANITIZE command
sg_sat_identifysend ATA IDENTIFY DEVICE command via SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) layer
sg_sat_phy_eventuse ATA READ LOG EXT via a SAT pass-through to fetch SATA phy event
sg_sat_read_gploguse ATA READ LOG EXT command via a SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) layer
sg_sat_set_featuresuse ATA SET FEATURES command via a SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT)
sg_scanscans sg devices (or SCSI/ATAPI/ATA devices) and prints results
sg_seeksend SCSI SEEK, PRE-FETCH(10) or PRE-FETCH(16) command
sg_senddiagperforms a SCSI SEND DIAGNOSTIC command
sg_sesaccess a SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) device
sg_ses_microcodesend microcode to a SCSI enclosure
sg_startsend SCSI START STOP UNIT command: start, stop, load or eject medium
sg_stpgsend SCSI SET TARGET PORT GROUPS command
sg_stream_ctlsend SCSI STREAM CONTROL or GET STREAM STATUS command
sg_syncsend SCSI SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command
sg_test_rwbuftest a SCSI host adapter by issuing dummy writes and reads
sg_timestampreport or set timestamp on SCSI device
sg_turssend one or more SCSI TEST UNIT READY commands
sg_unmapsend SCSI UNMAP command (known as ‘trim’ in ATA specs)
sg_verifyinvoke SCSI VERIFY command(s) on a block device
sg_vpdfetch SCSI VPD page and/or decode its response
sg_wr_modewrite (modify) SCSI mode page
sg_write_and_verifysend the SCSI WRITE AND VERIFY command
sg_write_buffersend SCSI WRITE BUFFER commands
sg_write_longsend SCSI WRITE LONG command
sg_write_samesend SCSI WRITE SAME command
sg_xcopycopy data to and from files and devices using SCSI EXTENDED COPY (XCOPY)
sginfoaccess mode page information for a SCSI (or ATAPI) device
sgm_ddcopy data to and from files and devices, especially SCSI devices
sgp_ddcopy data to and from files and devices, especially SCSI devices
sha1sumcompute and check SHA1 message digest
sha224sumcompute and check SHA224 message digest
sha256sumcompute and check SHA256 message digest
sha384sumcompute and check SHA384 message digest
sha512sumcompute and check SHA512 message digest
showconsolefontShow the current EGA/VGA console screen font
showkeyexamine the codes sent by the keyboard
shredoverwrite a file to hide its contents, and optionally delete it
shufgenerate random permutations
shutdownHalt, power-off or reboot the machine
skill, snicesend a signal or report process status
slabtopdisplay kernel slab cache information in real time
sleepdelay for a specified amount of time
soeliminterpret .so requests in groff input
sortperform topological sort
sortsort lines of text files
splitsplit a file into pieces
ssanother utility to investigate sockets
sshOpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
ssh-addadds private key identities to the authentication agent
ssh-agentauthentication agent
ssh-copy-iduse locally available keys to authorise logins on a remote machine
ssh-keygenauthentication key generation, management and conversion
ssh-keyscangather SSH public keys
sshdOpenSSH SSH daemon
sss_cacheperform cache cleanup
sss_ssh_authorizedkeysget OpenSSH authorized keys
sss_ssh_knownhostsproxyOpenSSH ホストキーを取得します
sssdSystem Security Services Daemon
stcheck file types and compare values
statdisplay file or file system status
stdbufRun COMMAND, with modified buffering operations for its standard streams.
sttychange and print terminal line settings
surun a command with substitute user and group ID
sudo, sudoeditexecute a command as another user
sudoreplayreplay sudo session logs
suloginsingle-user login
sumchecksum and count the blocks in a file
swaplabelprint or change the label or UUID of a swap area
swapon, swapoffenable/disable devices and files for paging and swapping
switch_rootswitch to another filesystem as the root of the mount tree
syncSynchronize cached writes to persistent storage
sysctlconfigure kernel parameters at runtime
syspurposeSet the intended purpose for this system
systemctlControl the systemd system and service manager
systemd, initsystemd system and service manager
systemd-analyzeAnalyze and debug system manager
systemd-ask-passwordQuery the user for a system password
systemd-catConnect a pipeline or program’s output with the journal
systemd-cglsRecursively show control group contents
systemd-cgtopShow top control groups by their resource usage
systemd-deltaFind overridden configuration files
systemd-detect-virtDetect execution in a virtualized environment
systemd-escapeEscape strings for usage in systemd unit names
systemd-firstboot, systemd-firstboot.serviceInitialize basic system settings on or
systemd-hwdbhardware database management tool
systemd-inhibitExecute a program with an inhibition lock taken
systemd-machine-id-setupInitialize the machine ID in /etc/machine-id
systemd-mount, systemd-umountEstablish and destroy transient mount or auto-mount points
systemd-notifyNotify service manager about start-up completion and other daemon status
systemd-pathList and query system and user paths
systemd-runRun programs in transient scope units, service units, or path-, socket-, or
systemd-socket-activateTest socket activation of daemons
systemd-sysusers, systemd-sysusers.serviceAllocate system users and groups
systemd-tmpfiles, systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service, systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service,
systemd-tty-ask-password-agentList or process pending systemd password requests
udevadmudev management tool
uldo underlining
umountunmount file systems
unameprint system information
unbound-anchorUnbound anchor utility.
une2fsadjust tunable filesystem parameters on ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems
uned-admcommand line tool for switching between different tuning profiles
unexpandconvert spaces to tabs
unicode_startput keyboard and console in unicode mode
unicode_stoprevert keyboard and console from unicode mode
uniqreport or omit repeated lines
unix_chkpwdHelper binary that verifies the password of the current user
unix_updateHelper binary that updates the password of a given user
unlinkcall the unlink function to remove the specified file
unsharerun program with some namespaces unshared from parent
unversioned-pythoninfo on how to set up the python command.
update-ca-trustmanage consolidated and dynamic configuration of CA certificates and
update-crypto-policiesmanage the policies available to the various cryptographic
update-pciidsdownload new version of the PCI ID list
uptimeTell how long the system has been running.
urbostatReport processor frequency and idle statistics
usersprint the user names of users currently logged in to the current host
usleepsleep some number of microseconds
utmpdumpdump UTMP and WTMP files in raw format
uuidgencreate a new UUID value
uuidparsean utility to parse unique identifiers
vdirlist directory contents
vdpavdpa management tool
vgcfgbackupBackup volume group configuration(s)
vgcfgrestoreRestore volume group configuration
vgchangeChange volume group attributes
vgckCheck the consistency of volume group(s)
vgconvertChange volume group metadata format
vgcreateCreate a volume group
vgdisplayDisplay volume group information
vgexportUnregister volume group(s) from the system
vgextendAdd physical volumes to a volume group
vgimportRegister exported volume group with system
vgimportcloneImport a VG from cloned PVs
vgimportdevicesAdd devices for a VG to the devices file.
vgmergeMerge volume groups
vgmknodesCreate the special files for volume group devices in /dev
vgreduceRemove physical volume(s) from a volume group
vgremoveRemove volume group(s)
vgrenameRename a volume group
vgsDisplay information about volume groups
vgscanSearch for all volume groups
vgsplitMove physical volumes into a new or existing volume group
vimVi IMproved, a programmer’s text editor
vipw, vigrpassword, group とそれぞれの shadow ファイルを編集する
virt-whatdetect if we are running in a virtual machine
visudoedit the sudoers file
vlockVirtual Console lock program
vmcore-dmesgThis is just a placeholder until real man page has been written
vmctlIMA/EVM signing utility
vmstatReport virtual memory statistics
vpddecodeVPD structure decoder
wShow who is logged on and what they are doing.
wallwrite a message to all users
watchexecute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen
watchgnupgRead and print logs from a socket
wcprint newline, word, and byte counts for each file
wdctlshow hardware watchdog status
whatisdisplay one-line manual page descriptions
whereislocate the binary, source, and manual page files for a command
whichshows the full path of (shell) commands.
whiptaildisplay dialog boxes from shell scripts
whoshow who is logged on
whoamiprint effective userid
wipefswipe a signature from a device
writesend a message to another user
x86_energy_perf_policyManage Energy vs. Performance Policy via x86 Model Specific Reg‐
xargsbuild and execute command lines from standard input
xfs_adminchange parameters of an XFS filesystem
xfs_bmapprint block mapping for an XFS file
xfs_copycopy the contents of an XFS filesystem
xfs_dbdebug an XFS filesystem
xfs_estimateestimate the space that an XFS filesystem will take
xfs_freezesuspend access to an XFS filesystem
xfs_fsrfilesystem reorganizer for XFS
xfs_iodebug the I/O path of an XFS filesystem
xfs_logprintprint the log of an XFS filesystem
xfs_mdrestorerestores an XFS metadump image to a filesystem image
xfs_metadumpcopy XFS filesystem metadata to a file
xfs_mkfilecreate an XFS file
xfs_ncheckgenerate pathnames from i-numbers for XFS
xfs_quotamanage use of quota on XFS filesystems
xfs_repairrepair an XFS filesystem
xfs_rtcpXFS realtime copy command
xfs_spacemanshow free space information about an XFS filesystem
xgettextextract gettext strings from source
xmlcatalogCommand line tool to parse and manipulate XML or SGML catalog files.
xmllintcommand line XML tool
xmlsec1sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt XML documents
xmlwfDetermines if an XML document is well-formed
xpandconvert tabs to spaces
xprevaluate expressions
xsltproccommand line XSLT processor
xtables-monitor ― show changes to rule set and trace-events
xz, unxz, xzcat, lzma, unlzma, lzcatCompress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
xzcmp, xzdiff, lzcmp, lzdiffcompare compressed files
xzdec, lzmadecSmall .xz and .lzma decompressors
xzgrepsearch compressed files for a regular expression
xzless, lzlessview xz or lzma compressed (text) files
xzmore, lzmoreview xz or lzma compressed (text) files
yprint the file name of the terminal connected to standard input
yesoutput a string repeatedly until killed
yumredirecting to DNF Command Reference
zcmp, zdiffcompare compressed files
zforceforce a ‘.gz’ extension on all gzip files
zgrepsearch possibly compressed files for a regular expression
zlessfile perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
zmorefile perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
znewrecompress .Z files to .gz files
zramctlset up and control zram devices
zsoelimsatisfy .so requests in roff input