b_polgenmanage tboot verified launch policy
babeltrace — Babeltrace Trace Viewer and Converter
babeltrace-log — Babeltrace Log Converter
backintimea simple backup tool for Linux.
backintime-askpassa simple backup tool for Linux.
backup-managerAn easy to use backup tool for your Linux box.
backup-manager-purgebackup-manager’s wrapper for outdating files
backup-manager-uploadMultiprotocol uploader for backup-manager.
bacula-dirBacula Director
bacula-fdBacula’s File Daemon
bacula-sdBacula’s Storage Daemon
bak2dbDirectory Server script for restoring a backup
bak2db.plDirectory Server perl script for restoring a backup
bakefilenative makefiles generator
bakefile_genbatch bakefile generation
bakefilizeprepare Bakefile project for use with Autoconf
bannerprints a short string to the console in very large letters
bannergraba network service banner grabbing tool
barcodea stand alone program to run the barcode library
barmanBackup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL
barman-cloud-backupBackup a PostgreSQL instance and stores it in the
barman-cloud-backup-listList backups stored in the Cloud
barman-cloud-restoreRestore a PostgreSQL backup from the Cloud
barman-cloud-wal-archiveArchive PostgreSQL WAL files in the Cloud
barman-cloud-wal-restoreRestore PostgreSQL WAL files from the Cloud
barman-wal-archivearchive_command based on Barman’s put-wal
barman-wal-restore‘restore_command’ based on Barman’s get-wal
base64データを base64 エンコード/デコードして標準出力に表示する
basepodsprint out pod paths for the standard perl manpages
bashGNU Bourne-Again SHell
bashalias, bg, bind, break, builtin, caller, cd, command,
bash, :, ., [, alias, bg, bind, break, builtin, caller, cd, command,
bashbugbash のバグを報告する
bashbugreport a bug in bash
bashmounttool to mount and unmount removable media
batBacula Administration Tool Console
batctlB.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool
batsBash Automated Testing System
bboxprints out the bounding box of a rawppm or rawpbm image
bccBruce’s C compiler
bccmdUtility for the CSR BCCMD interface
bcftoolsutilities for variant calling and manipulating VCFs and
bcmxcpDriver for UPSes supporting the serial BCM/XCP protocol
bcmxcp_usbExperimental driver for UPSes supporting the BCM/XCP
bcompsbiconnected components filter for graphs
bconsoleBacula’s management Console
bcopyBacula’s ‘Copy from tape’
bcrelaya broadcast relay daemon
bcryptblowfish file encryption
bct_dumptegra BCT disassembly tool
bdf2gdfont.plConvert X11 “BDF” fonts into a loadable font format for
bdfimplodeConvert a BDF font into GNU Unifont .hex format
bdftopcfconvert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable
bdftruncategenerate truncated BDF font from ISO 10646-1-encoded BDF
bdii-updatethe bdii update process
bdsync – a fast block device synchronizing tool
beaker-wizardTool to ease the creation of a new Beaker task
beanstalkdsimple, fast work queue
bedupdeduplication program with additional knowledge of burp
beesuA wrapper for “su” that provides a graphical interface in
behaveRun a number of feature tests with behave.
belkinDriver for Belkin serial UPS equipment
belkinunvDriver for Belkin “Universal UPS” and compatible
bestfcomDriver for Best Power Fortress/Ferrups
bestfortressDriver for old Best Fortress UPS equipment
bestuferrupsDriver for Best Power Micro-Ferrups
bestupsDriver for Best Power / SOLA (Phoenixtec protocol) UPS
bextractBacula’s ‘Extract from tape’
bf_compactshell script to compact a bogofilter directory
bf_copyshell script to copy a bogofilter working directory
bf_tarshell script to write a tar file of a bogofilter directory to
bgzipBlock compression/decompression utility
bibtexmake a bibliography for (La)TeX
bibutilsbibliography conversion utilities
bindfs ‐ mount –bind in user-space
bioradtopgmconvert a Biorad confocal file into a PGM image
biosdecodeBIOS information decoder
biosdevnamegive BIOS-given name of a device
bipBIP IRC Proxy
bipmkpwPassword hasher for BIP
bisonGNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
bitmap, bmtoa, atobmbitmap editor and converter utilities for the X
bjamCommand-line utility to build Boost-related C++ projects with
bjobsdisplays and filters information about jobs in familar openlava
bkhive dumps the syskey bootkey from a Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista system
bkilldeletes jobs in a familiar openlava format
bkrBeaker client
blformat tables for troff
bltroff のための表フォーマッタ
blazer_serDriver for Megatec/Q1 protocol serial based UPS equipment
blazer_usbDriver for Megatec/Q1 protocol USB based UPS equipment
blendera 3D modelling and rendering package
blenderplayera utility for previewing .blend files
blkdeactivate — utility to deactivate block devices
blkdiscarddiscard sectors on a device
blkid –
blkiomonmonitor block device I/O based o blktrace data
blkmapdpNFS block layout mapping daemon
blkparseproduce formatted output of event streams of block devices
blkrawverifyverifies an output file produced by blkparse
blktracegenerate traces of the i/o traffic on block devices
blockdevコマンドラインからブロックデバイスの ioctl を呼び出す
blsBacula’s ‘Tape LS’
bltktool kit is used to measure battery life and performance under
bltk_reportautomated report creation bltk_report_table – summary ta‐
bluefisheditor for experienced web designers and programmers
bluetoothenable/disable internal bluetooth device
bluetooth-sendtoGTK application for transferring files over Blue‐
bmc-deviceperform advanced BMC commands
bmc-infodisplay BMC information
bmc-watchdogBMC watchdog timer daemon and control utility
bmonbandwidth monitor and rate estimator
bmp2tiffcreate a TIFF file from a Microsoft Windows Device Indepen‐
bmptopnmconvert a BMP file into a PBM, PGM, or PNM image
bmptoppmreplaced by bmptopnm
bodhimanage Fedora updates
bogofilterfast Bayesian spam filter
bogolexerUtility program for separating email messages into tokens
bogotunefind optimum parameter settings for bogofilter
bogoupgradeupgrades bogofilter database to current version
bogoutilDumps, loads, and maintains bogofilter database files
boincThe BOINC client program.
boinccmdThe command line interface to the BOINC client.
boincmgrThe graphical BOINC manager for the client.
boinctuiFullscreen text mode manager for BOINC client
boltctlcontrol the thunderbolt device manger
bombardmentRun siege with an ever-increasing number of users
bon_csv2html program to convert CSV format Bonnie++ data to a HTML form
bond2team — Converts bonding configuration to team
bonnie++program to test hard drive performance.
bookmanGenerate a book from man pages
boot-analysisTrace and analyze the appliance boot process
boot-benchmarkBenchmark the time taken to boot the libguestfs
bootctlControl the firmware and boot manager settings
booth-keygengenerate authentication key
boothdThe Booth Cluster Ticket Manager.
borgBorgBackup is a deduplicating backup program with optional com‐
bounced, bounced.plMailing List Bounce Processing Daemon for Sympa
bowtie2manual page for bowtie2 2.4.1
bowtie2-buildmanual page for bowtie2-build 2.4.1
bowtie2-inspectmanual page for bowtie2-inspect 2.4.1
boxestext mode box and comment drawing filter
bpfca Berkeley Packet Filter assembler and compiler
bpfmonBPF based visual packet rate monitor
bpluginfoBacula Plugin information utility
bpythona fancy {curses, GTK+, urwid} interface to the Python inter‐
braseroSimple and easy to use CD/DVD burning application for the
brctlethernet bridge administration
bregexBacula’s ‘regex’ engine
bridgeshow / manipulate bridge addresses and devices
brlttyrefreshable braille display driver for Linux/Unix
bropassive network traffic analyzer
bro-cutparse Bro logs
broctlinteractive shell for managing Bro installations
browsecreate a class hierarchy database
brushtopbmconvert a doodle brush file into a PBM image
bscanBacula’s ‘Scan tape’
bsdl2jtagUrJTAG declaration file conversion
bsigsprogram for debugging burp protocol2 manifest files and indexes
bsmtpBacula’s SMTP client (mail submission program)
bsparseprogram for regenerating burp protocol2 sparse files
bssh/bvnc/bshellBrowse for SSH/VNC servers on the local network
bsubsubmit a batch job in a familiar OpenLava format
bt-adaptera bluetooth adapter manager
bt-adaptera bluetooth agent
bt-devicea bluetooth device manager
bt-networka bluetooth network manager
bt-obexa bluetooth OBEX client/server
btables (v2.0.10-4)Ethernet bridge frame table administration
btapeBacula’s Tape interface test program
btattachattach serial devices to BlueZ stack
btisend a tweet to from the command line
bti-shrink-urlsconvert URLs to a shorter form using a web service
btkbddBluetooth Keyboard Daemon
btraceperform live tracing for block devices
btracebackwrapper script around gdb and bsmtp
btrecordrecreate IO loads recorded by blktrace
btreplayrecreate IO loads recorded by blktrace
btrfsa toolbox to manage btrfs filesystems
btrfs-checkcheck or repair an unmounted btrfs filesystem
btrfs-convertconvert from ext2/3/4 filesystem to btrfs in-place
btrfs-extent-samedirectly access the btrfs-extent-same ioctl
btrfs-find-rootfilter to find btrfs root
btrfs-imagecreate/restore an image of the filesystem
btrfs-inspect-internalquery various internal information
btrfs-map-logicalmap btrfs logical extent to physical extent
btrfs-rescueRecover a damaged btrfs filesystem
btrfs-select-superoverwrite primary superblock with a backup copy
btrfstunetune various filesystem parameters
bttanalyse block i/o traces produces by blktrace
bucardo_ctlutility script for controlling the Bucardo program
bugpointautomatic test case reduction tool
bugz — command line interface to bugzilla
bugzillacommand line tool for interacting with Bugzilla
build-classpathbuild a Java CLASSPATH
build-jar-repositorycreate a symbolic link to a JAR
bulk, bulk.plDaemon for submitting messages to SMTP engine
bundleRuby Dependency Management
burp_caprogram for generating certificates for use with burp
burstexplode digests into nmh messages
busctlIntrospect the bus
bwaBurrows-Wheeler Alignment Tool
bwildBacula’s ‘wildcard’ engine
bwm-ngBandwidth Monitor NG (Next Generation), a live bandwidth moni‐
bwrapcontainer setup utility
byobuwrapper script for seeding a user’s byobu configuration and
byobu-configConfiguration utility for byobu
byobu-ctrl-aConfigure Byobu’s ctrl-a behavior
byobu-enable, byobu-disablewrapper script for enabling/disabling
byobu-janitorscript for cleaning and upgrading environment after
byobu-keybindingstoggle on/off Byobu’s keybindings
byobu-launcherByobu Launcher
byobu-launcher-installByobu Launcher installation utility
byobu-launcher-uninstallByobu Launcher uninstallation utility
byobu-layoutSave and restore byobu-tmux laouts
byobu-prompt, byobu-enable-prompt, byobu-disable-promptadd and
byobu-quietSilence all of Byobu’s status indicators and eliminate
byobu-reconnect-socketsSourcable script that updates GPG_AGENT_INFO
byobu-screenLaunch byobu with screen as the backend
byobu-select-backendselect your default Byobu backend window manager
byobu-select-profileselect your Byobu foreground and background col‐
byobu-select-sessionselect and connect to a byobu session
byobu-shellPrint the message of the day and launch a shell
byobu-silent- Silence all of Byobu’s status indicators, eliminate the
byobu-statusdisplays status suitable for printing by the BYOBU_BACK‐
byobu-status-detailWrapper that uses a sensible pager
byobu-tmuxLaunch byobu with tmux as the backend
byobu-ugraphhelper script for notification history graphs
byobu-ulevelhelper script for notification level indicators
bzip2, bunzip2 –
bzmore, bzlessbzip2 圧縮されたテキストを CRT
bzrBazaar next-generation distributed version control
bzzDjVu general purpose compression utility.
cshow / manipulate traffic control settings
c++filtDemangle C++ and Java symbols.
c2metaget the metadata for this particular ec2 instance
c2ph, pstructDump C structures as generated from “cc -g -S” stabs
c2sclient-to-server connector
c3270curses-based IBM host access tool
c44DjVuPhoto encode.
c_rehashCreate symbolic links to files named by the hash values
ca-legacyManage the system configuration for legacy CA certificates
cabextractprogram to extract files from Microsoft cabinet (.cab) ar‐
caca-configscript to get information about the installed version of
cacademo, cacafirelibcaca’s demonstration applications
cacaplayplay libcaca files
cacaservertelnet server for libcaca
cacaviewASCII image browser
cacertdir_rehashsimple script to create or update hash links to cer‐
cache_checkvalidates cache metadata on a device or file.
cache_dumpdump cache metadata from device or file to standard out‐
cache_metadata_sizeEstimate the size of the metadata device needed
cache_repairrepair cache binary metadata from device/file to
cache_restorerestore cache metadata file to device or file.
cache_writebackwriteback dirty blocks to the origin device.
cachefilesdCacheFiles userspace management daemon
cadaverA command-line WebDAV client for Unix.
caja-autorun-softwareAutorun Software in Caja
caja-sendtoconvenience application to send a file via email or
cal [-smjy13] [[month] year]
calamarisgenerate text and graphical statistics out of log files
calcThe terminal calculator
calcarbitrary precision calculator
calidns –
callbackcall a user back, presenting a login prompt
callgrind_annotatepost-processing tool for the Callgrind
callgrind_controlobserve and control programs being run by Callgrind
cameratopamconvert raw camera image to PAM
camgrthe command line utility of the abstract database API
camttesttest cases of the abstract database API
cannakillかな漢字変換サーバ cannaserver を終了させる
capifaxa FAX send application for CAPI
capifaxrcvd — a FAX receive daemon for CAPI
capiinfoShow supported features of all installed CAPI2.0 controllers
capiinitstart or stop CAPI-capable ISDN cards
capinfosPrints information about capture files
capshcapability shell wrapper
captesta program to demonstrate capabilities
captoinfoconvert a termcap description into a terminfo description
carbon-aggregatorbuffer metrics over time before reporting to car‐
carbon-c-relaygraphite relay, aggregator and rewriter
carbon-cacheaccepts metrics over various protocols and writes them
carbon-clientGraphite client to reroute carbon data
carbon-relayreplication and sharding data
cardprint reference card of program options
card_eventmgrPCSC-Lite Event Manager
cardos-tooldisplays information about Card OS-based security tokens
cargoThe Rust package manager
castgetdownload RSS enclosures
catdocreads MS-Word file and puts its content as plain text on stan‐
catesttest cases of the abstract database API
catiorUtility for viewing components of a stringified IOR
catpptreads MS-PowerPoint file and puts its content on standard out‐
cb_console_runnerThe Code::Blocks IDE console programs launcher
cb_share_configImport/export parts of Code::Blocks configuration
cbmgrthe command line utility of the B+ tree database API
cbmttesttest cases of the B+ tree database API
cbootimagetegra BCT compiler
cbtesttest cases of the B+ tree database API
cc1541A tool for creating Commodore 1541 Floppy disk images in D64,
ccachea fast C/C++ compiler cache
ccache-swiga fast compiler cache
cccheckPerform static code contracts verification for CLR assem‐
cciss_vol_statusshow status of logical drives attached to HP Smar‐
cckddiagHercules CCKD DASD diagnostic tool
ccmakeCMake Curses Dialog Command-Line Reference
ccmakeCurses Interface for CMake.
ccmakedepcreate dependencies in makefiles using a C compiler
ccompsconnected components filter for graphs
ccrewriteRewrite CLR assemblies for runtime code contract verifica‐
cczeA robust log colorizer
ccze-cssdumpDump CCZE color setup into CSS format
cdDistributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data
cd-create-profileColor Manager Profile Creation Tool
cd-discidread CD and get CDDB discid information
cd-driveshow CD-ROM drive characteristics
cd-fix-profileColor Manager Testing Tool
cd-infoshows Information about a CD or CD-image
cd-it8Color Manager Testing Tool
cd-paranoia (Paranoia release III libcdio)オーディオ CD
cd-readreads Information from a CD or CD-image
cdbConstant DataBase manipulation tool
cdbs-edit-patchcreate or edit a CDBS patch
cdctlA simple command line client for etcd
cdda2ogg — extract audio CD audio tracks and encode them
cddb-toolGet CDDB information
cdiffa wrapper tool for colordiff
cdlabelgenCD/DVD labels, jewel case inserts, and envelopes creator.
cdparanoia (Paranoia release III)オーディオ CD
cdr2rawmanual page for cdr2raw 0.1.4
cdr2textmanual page for cdr2text 0.1.4
cdr2xhtmlmanual page for cdr2xhtml 0.1.4
cdrdaoreads and writes CDs in disc-at-once mode
cdrskinburns preformatted data to CD, DVD, and BD via libburn.
cdrwtoolperform various actions on a CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-R
centerima text mode based IM client for Linux, *BSD, Sun Solaris,
centpkgRPM Packaging utility
cephceph administration tool
ceph-authtoolceph keyring manipulation tool
ceph-confceph conf file tool
ceph-dencoderceph encoder/decoder utility
ceph-post-filepost files for ceph developers
ceph-rbdnamerudev helper to name RBD devices
ceph-synceph synthetic workload generator
cert-syncMono Certificate Store Sync Tool
cert2spcTransform multiple X.509 certificates to a Software Pub‐
certmasterhands out certificates to programs that want them, like
certmaster-casigns certificate requests gathered by certmaster.
certmaster-requestrequests SSL certs from a certmaster Fedora
certmaster-syncsynchronize client certificates with Func.
certmgrMono Certificate Manager (CLI version)
certtoolGnuTLS certificate tool
certutilManage keys and certificate in both NSS databases and other
certwatchgenerate SSL certificate expiry warnings
cfdiskLinux 用のパーティションテーブル操作ツール (curses 版)
cfgmaintconfiguration tool for Visual Builder
cfgmakerCreates mrtg.cfg files (for mrtg-2.17.4)
cfmgrthe command line utility of the fixed-length database API
cfmttesttest cases of the fixed-length database API
cftesttest cases of the fixed-length database API
cfvVerify file consistency with .sfv, .csv, .crc, .md5, md5sum,
cg_annotatepost-processing tool for Cachegrind
cg_diffcompares two Cachegrind output files
cg_mergemerges multiple Cachegrind output files into one
cgccCompiler wrapper to run Sparse after compiling
cgdcbxdcontrol group dcb event net_prio daemon
cgdiskCurses-based GUID partition table (GPT) manipulator
cgi_to_dbconvert stored CGI files (from to fsdb
cgi‐fcgi ‐bind ‐connect connName
cgm2ncgm ncgm2cgmfilter NCAR CGM to/from vanilla CGM
cgrulesengdcontrol group rules daemon
ch-buildBuild an image and place it in the builder’s back-end stor‐
ch-build2dirBuild a Charliecloud image from Dockerfile and unpack it
ch-builder2squashFlatten a builder image into a Charliecloud
ch-builder2tarFlatten a builder image into a Charliecloud image tar‐
ch-checknsCheck “ch-run” prerequisites, e.g., namespaces and
ch-convertConvert an image from one format to another
ch-dir2squashCreate a SquashFS file from an image directory
ch-fromhostInject files from the host into an image directory, with
ch-imageBuild and manage images; completely unprivileged
ch-pull2dirPull image from a Docker Hub and unpack into directory
ch-pull2tarPull image from a Docker Hub and flatten into tarball
ch-runRun a command in a Charliecloud container
ch-run-ociOCI wrapper for “ch-run”
ch-sshRun a remote command in a Charliecloud container
ch-tar2dirUnpack an image tarball into a directory
ch-testRun some or all of the Charliecloud test suite
chaclファイルまたはディレクトリのアクセス制御リスト (Access Control
chainsawGUI based log viewer
changestoolverify, dump, modify, create or fix Debian .changes files
charon-cmdSimple IKE client (IPsec VPN client)
chartexA utility to extract charts from an Excel file for insertion
chattrLinux 第 2 拡張ファイルシステム (ext2fs) 上にある
chcatchange file SELinux security category
chcpuconfigure CPUs
cheatmakefool make into not rebuilding certain files
check-moduleprogram to check gnulib modules.
check-regexptest regular expressions from the command line
checkXMLAn XML lint tool for KDE DocBook XML documents.
checkXML5An XML lint tool for KDE DocBook XML documents.
check_for_unsafe_apisFinds unsafe APIs
check_mkcommand line utility for managing Check_MK
check_postgres.pla Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG,
checkbashismscheck for bashisms in /bin/sh scripts
checkdigitscheck or generate check digits
checkisomd5 — check an MD5 checksum implanted by implantisomd5
checkmkAwk script for generating C unit tests for use with the
checkmoduleSELinux policy module compiler
checkpolicySELinux policy compiler
checkradSee if a user is (still) logged in on a certain port.
cheesetool to take pictures and videos from your webcam
chemgroff preprocessor for producing chemical structure diagrams
chemtoolchemical structures editor
cherrytreea hierarchical note taking application
chert-updateUpdate a chert database to the new format keys
chgpasswdupdate group passwords in batch mode
chickenA Scheme-to-C translator
chicken-buggenerates a bug report from user input
chicken-installdownload and install extension libraries for CHICKEN
chicken-profilegenerate a report from profile-information
chicken-statuslist installed extension libraries
chicken-uninstalluninstall extension library
chirpwA tool for programming two-way radio equipment
chkconfigupdates and queries runlevel information for system ser‐
chkfontchecks figlet 2.0 and up font files for format errors
chktrustCheck the trust of a PE executable.
chmemconfigure memory
chmgrthe command line utility of the hash database API
chmttesttest cases of the hash database API
choptestHylaFAX page chopping test program
chromium-browserthe web browser from Google
chronicruns a command quietly unless it fails
chronyccommand-line interface for chrony daemon
chronydchrony daemon
chrpathchange the rpath or runpath in binaries
chrtmanipulate the real-time attributes of a process
chtchemtool drawings analyzer
chtesttest cases of the hash database API
chvtchange foreground virtual terminal
ciRCS ファイルにリビジョンをチェックインする
cifs.idmapUserspace helper for mapping ids for Common Internet File
cifs.upcallUserspace upcall helper for Common Internet File System
cifscredsmanage NTLM credentials in kernel keyring
cifsddconvert and copy a file over SMB
cifsiostatReport CIFS statistics.
cinnamon-extension-toolextension management program
cinnamon-launcherStart or restart a cinnamon session
cinnamon-menu-editorEditor for the panel menu
cinnamon-sessionStart the GNOME desktop environment
cinnamon-session-quitEnd the current GNOME session
cinnamon-settingsConfiguration panel for cinnamon
ciptoolBluetooth Common ISDN Access Profile (CIP)
cisco-decryptdecrypts an obfuscated Cisco vpn client pre-shared key
cistopbmconvert Compuserve RLE image to PBM
cjthe eclipse JDT Batch Compiler
cjb2Simple DjVuBitonal encoder.
cjdns-online […]
cjpegcompress an image file to a JPEG file
ckbcompcompile a XKB keyboard description to a keymap suitable for
ckeeperstore /etc in git, mercurial, bazaar, or darcs
cl-dumpDump and decode Directory Server replication change log
clamav-miltermilter compatible mail scanner
clambcBytecode Analysis and Testing Tool
clamconfClam AntiVirus configuration utility
clamdan anti-virus daemon
clamdscanscan files and directories for viruses using Clam AntiVirus
clamdtopmonitor the Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamonaccan anti-virus on-access scanning daemon and clamd client
clamscanscan files and directories for viruses
clamsubmitFile submission utility for ClamAV
clangthe Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler
clatda CLAT / SIIT-DC Edge Relay implementation for Linux
clc-(un)register-user-packageregisters a user asdf system
clc-clbuildclc enabled clbuild wrapper
clc-clbuildinvoke lisp with clbuild active
clean-crlremove orphaned CRL like files from a certificate directory
cleanallruv.plDirectory Server perl script for issuing a cleanAllRUV
cleanlinksremove dangling symbolic links and empty directories
cleanup_digikamdbCleanup the digiKam databases to reduce their sizes
clevisAutomated decryption policy framework
clevis-decryptDecrypts using the policy defined at encryption time
clevis-encrypt-httpEncrypts using a REST HTTP escrow server policy
clevis-encrypt-sssEncrypts using a Shamir’s Secret Sharing policy
clevis-encrypt-tangEncrypts using a Tang binding server policy
clevis-encrypt-tpm2Encrypts using a TPM2.0 chip binding policy
clevis-luks-bindBind a LUKSv1 device using the specified policy
clevis-luks-unlockUnlocks a LUKSv1 device bound with a Clevis poli‐
cli4Command line access to CloudFlare v4 API
clidecolor and style highlighting program for text
clinfoshow OpenCL platforms and devices
clocCount, and compute differences of, lines of source code and
clockdiffmeasure clock difference between hosts
cloneUPS driver clone
cloud-publish-imagepublish a cloud image
cloud-publish-tarballpublish a cloud archive
cloud-run-instanceswrapper for euca-run-instances that supports an
clubakformat output from clush/pdsh-like output and more
clufterCLUster FilTER
clusetcompute advanced cluster node set operations
clushexecute shell commands on a cluster
clusterfind clusters in a graph and augment the graph with this
clusterdbcluster a PostgreSQL database
clvmd — cluster LVM daemon
cmakeCMake Command-Line Reference
cmakeCross-Platform Makefile Generator.
cmake-guiCMake GUI Command-Line Reference
cmake-guiCMake GUI.
cmarkconvert CommonMark formatted text to HTML
cmirrord — cluster mirror log daemon
cmp2 つのファイルを 1 バイトずつ比較する
cmsdCluster Management Services daemon
cmsutilPerforms basic cryptograpic operations, such as encryption
cmtimeRDMA CM connection steps timing test.
cmuwmtopbmconvert a CMU window manager bitmap into a PBM image
cmx2rawmanual page for cmx2raw 0.1.4
cmx2textmanual page for cmx2text 0.1.4
cmx2xhtmlmanual page for cmx2xhtml 0.1.4
cnetstatPrint information about network connections protected by
cnid_dbdimplement access to CNID databases through a dedicated
cnid_metadstart cnid_dbd daemons on request
cntlmauthenticating HTTP(S) proxy with TCP/IP tunneling and acceler‐
cntrainingcharacter normalization training for Tesseract
coRCS ファイルからリビジョンをチェックアウトする
cob-configmanual page for cob-config
cobbler-registercreate a cobbler system record
cobcmanual page for cobc (GnuCOBOL)
cobcrunmanual page for cobcrun (GnuCOBOL)
cockpit-bridgeCockpit Host Bridge
codesnippetsStand-alone app for the codesnippets Code::Blocks plug‐
coin-configDisplay Coin Library Configuration
col [-bfpx] [-l num]
colcrt [-] [-2] [file …]
collateindex.plgenerate DocBook index files
collectdSystem statistics collection daemon
collectd-nagiosNagios plugin for querying collectd
collectd-tgTraffic generator for collectd.
collectdctlControl interface for collectd
collectdmonMonitoring daemon for collectd
collectlCollects data that describes the current system status.
collectl2pcpimport collectl data to a PCP archive
colmuxmultiplex communications to multiple systems running collectl
colordiffa tool to colorize diff output
colorizeA robust log colorizer
colormgrColor Manager Testing Tool
colrm [startcol [endcol]]
column [-tx] [-c columns] [-s sep] [file …]
columnsColumnize Input Text
combindeltarpmcombine multiple deltarpms to a single one
combinecombine sets of lines from two files using boolean operations
combine_tessdatacombine/extract/overwrite Tesseract data
combined_log_format_to_dbconvert Apache Combined Log Format to Fsdb
combinediffcreate a cumulative unified patch from two incremental
compcompose an nmh message
comparemathematically and visually annotate the difference between
compface, uncompfacecompress and expand 48x48x1 face image files
compositeoverlaps one image over another.
compress, uncompress, zcatcompress and expand data
comps2solvconvert rpm-md comps.xml file into a solv file
condor_advertise Send a ClassAd to the condor_collector daemon
condor_check_userlogs Check job event log files for errors
condor_cod manage COD machines and jobs
condor_config_val Query or set a given HTCondor configuration variable
condor_continue continue suspended jobs from the HTCondor queue
condor_dagman meta scheduler of the jobs submitted as the nodes of a
condor_drain Control draining of an execute machine
condor_fetchlog Retrieve a daemon’s log file that is located on another
condor_findhost find machine(s) in the pool that can be used with mini‐
condor_gather_info Gather information about an HTCondor installation
condor_history View log of HTCondor jobs completed to date
condor_hold put jobs in the queue into the hold state
condor_job_router_info Discover and display information related to job
condor_master The master HTCondor Daemon
condor_off Shutdown HTCondor daemons
condor_on Start up HTCondor daemons
condor_ping Attempt a security negotiation to determine if it succeeds
condor_pool_job_report generate report about all jobs that have run in
condor_power send packet intended to wake a machine from a low power
condor_preen remove extraneous files from HTCondor directories
condor_prio change priority of jobs in the HTCondor queue
condor_procd Track and manage process families
condor_q Display information about jobs in queue
condor_qedit modify job attributes
condor_qsub Queue jobs that use PBS/SGE-style submission
condor_reconfig Reconfigure HTCondor daemons
condor_release release held jobs in the HTCondor queue
condor_reschedule Update scheduling information to the central manager
condor_restart Restart a set of HTCondor daemons
condor_rm remove jobs from the HTCondor queue
condor_router_history Display the history for routed jobs
condor_router_q Display information about routed jobs in the queue
condor_router_rm Remove jobs being managed by the HTCondor Job Router
condor_run Submit a shell command-line as an HTCondor job
condor_sos Issue a command that will be service with a higher priority
condor_ssh_to_job create an ssh session to a running job
condor_stats Display historical information about the HTCondor pool
condor_status Display status of the HTCondor pool
condor_store_cred securely stash a password
condor_submit Queue jobs for execution under HTCondor
condor_submit_dag Manage and queue jobs within a specified DAG for exe‐
condor_suspend suspend jobs from the HTCondor queue
condor_tail Display the last contents of a running job’s standard out‐
condor_transfer_data transfer spooled data
condor_update_machine_ad update a machine ClassAd
condor_updates_stats Display output from condor_status
condor_userlog Display and summarize job statistics from job log files.
condor_userprio Manage user priorities
condor_vacate Vacate jobs that are running on the specified hosts
condor_vacate_job vacate jobs in the HTCondor queue from the hosts
condor_version print HTCondor version and platform information
condor_wait Wait for jobs to finish
condor_who Display information about owners of jobs and jobs running on
config_dataQuery or change configuration of Perl modules
configsnapmanual page for configsnap 0.20.1
conjureinterprets and executes scripts written in the Magick Script‐
conkyA system monitor for X originally based on the torsmo code, but
conmanConMan client
conmandConMan daemon
connect-proxy — connect over SOCKS4/5 proxy
conntrackcommand line interface for netfilter connection tracking
conntrackdnetfilter connection tracking user-space daemon
conserverconsole server daemon
consoleconsole server client program
consolehelperA wrapper that helps console users run system programs
consolehelper-gtkA helper program for consolehelper
consoletypeprint type of the console connected to standard input
conspyvirtual console spy tool
container-exception-loggerlog from a container to a host
container-storage-setupTool for setting up storage for container
containerd [global options] command [command options] [arguments…]
convcalconvert dates to different formats
convertconvert between image formats as well as resize an image,
convertiorUtility for creating a new IOR from existing. changing
convertquotaquota を古いフォーマットから新しいフォーマットに変換する
convmvconverts filenames from one encoding to another
copr-clicommand line interface for the Copr service
copydatabasePerform a document-by-document copy of one or more
coredumpctlRetrieve coredumps from the journal
corelista commandline frontend to Module::CoreList
corosyncThe Corosync Cluster Engine.
corosync-blackboxDump live “flight data” from the corosync “black‐
corosync-cfgtoolAn administrative tool for corosync.
corosync-cmapctl:A tool for accessing the object database.
corosync-cpgtoolA tool for displaying cpg groups and members.
corosync-keygenGenerate an authentication key for Corosync.
corosync-notifydListen for important corosync events and send dbus
corosync-qdeviceQDevice daemon
corosync-qdevice-net-certutiltool to generate qdevice model net TLS
corosync-qdevice-toolcorosync-qdevice control interface.
corosync-qnetdQNet daemon
corosync-qnetd-certutiltool to generate qnetd TLS certificates
corosync-qnetd-toolcorosync-qnetd control interface.
corosync-quorumtoolSet and display quorum settings.
corosync-xmlprocConverts corosync.xml to the Corosync configuration
coverreport coverage statistics
cowsay/cowthinkconfigurable speaking/thinking cow (and a bit more)
cpackCPack Command-Line Reference
cpackPackaging driver provided by CMake.
cpaldjvuDjVuDocument encoder for low-color images.
cpaneasily interact with CPAN from the command line
cpan2distThe CPANPLUS distribution creator
cpancoverreport coverage statistics on CPAN modules
cpanel_json_xsCpanel::JSON::XS commandline utility
cpanfile-dumpDump prerequisites from a cpanfile
cpanmget, unpack build and install modules from CPAN
cpanpThe CPANPLUS launcher
cpansignCPAN signature management utility
cpanspecGenerate a spec file for a CPAN module
cpants_lint.plcommandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse
cpbridgeBridge network traffic across two interfaces
cpcapinfoPcap file dissector for debugging broken pcap files
cpcryptdImplement the tcpcrypt protocol by transparently modifying
cpdinternet services のためのアクセスコントロール機能
cpdmatchtcp wrapper の神託所(oracle)
cpdumpdump traffic on a network
cpdump_to_dbconvert tcpdump textual output to fsdb
cpflowTCP flow recorder
cpgembedded SQL C preprocessor
cpicktcp stream sniffer and connection tracker
cpkillkill TCP connections on a LAN
cpliveplayReplays network traffic stored in a pcap file on live
cpniceslow down TCP connections on a LAN
cppThe C Preprocessor
cppcheckTool for static C/C++ code analysis
cpphsliberalised cpp-a-like preprocessor for Haskell
cppmTCP port mapper
cpprepCreate a tcpreplay cache cache file from a pcap file.
cppunit-configscript to get information about the installed version
cpreenTCP stream monitoring tool
cpreplayReplay network traffic stored in pcap files
cpreplay-editReplay network traffic stored in pcap files
cprewriteRewrite the packets in a pcap file.
cprotogenerate C function prototypes and convert function defini‐
cpsliceextract pieces of and/or merge together tcpdump files
cpsprayTCP/IP bandwidth measurement tool (Discard and Echo client)
cptcatconcatenate GMT colour palette tables.
cptclipextract a sub-table from a GMT colour palette table (cpt).
cptcontcreate a continuous GMT colour palette table (cpt) file based
cptcsscreate CSS fragment for colouring HTML tables.
cpthsvmodify hue, saturation and colour value of GMT colour palette
cptinfoprint summary information on GMT colour palette table (cpt)
cptsvgconvert GMT colour palette tables (cpt) to SVG gradients.
cpttextprint text coloured by a GMT colour palette table (cpt) file.
cpuidDump CPUID information for each CPU
cpupowerShows and sets processor power related values
cpxtractmanual page for tcpxtract v1.0.1
cqtestHylaFAX copy quality checking test program
cracklib-checkCheck passwords using libcrack2
cracklib-format, cracklib-packer, cracklib-unpackercracklib dictio‐
crashAnalyze Linux crash dump data or a live system
crdasend to the kernel a wireless regulatory domain for a given ISO
create-cracklib-dictCheck passwords using libcrack2
create-fake-rpmgenerate fake (S)RPM.
createPYMB, readPYBase, readPYMB, mb2org, scel2orgfcitx Pinyin
create_cvsignoreCreate preliminary .cvsignore in the current
create_makefileCreates and Makefile from a
create_makefilesRecreates all Makefiles beneath a directory
createdbcreate a new PostgreSQL database
createlanginstall a PostgreSQL procedural language
createrepoCreate repomd (xml-rpm-metadata) repository
createrepo_cCreate rpm-md format (xml-rpm-metadata) repository
createuserdefine a new PostgreSQL user account
critCRiu Image Tool
criucheckpoint/restore in userspace
crlhelperHelper program used to store-and-forward CRLs
crlupdateMono Certficate Revocation List Downloader and Updater
crlutilList, generate, modify, or delete CRLs within the NSS
crm_reportPart of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager
cronddaemon to execute scheduled commands
cronologwrite log messages to log files named according to a tem‐
cronosplitsplit log files into cronolog-compatible files
crontab各ユーザーのための crontab ファイルを管理する (V3)
crudinimanipulate ini files
cryptfs-add-passphraseadd an eCryptfs mount passphrase to the ker‐
cryptfs-finduse inode numbers to match encrypted/decrypted file‐
cryptfs-generate-tpm-keygenerate an eCryptfs key for TPM hardware.
cryptfs-insert-wrapped-passphrase-into-keyringunwrap a wrapped
cryptfs-managereCryptfs key manager.
cryptfs-migrate-homemigrate a user’s home directory to an encrypted
cryptfs-mount-privateinteractive eCryptfs private mount wrapper
cryptfs-recover-privatefind and mount any encrypted private direc‐
cryptfs-rewrap-passphraseunwrap an eCryptfs wrapped passphrase, re‐
cryptfs-rewrite-fileforce a file to be rewritten (reencrypted) in
cryptfs-setup-privatesetup an eCryptfs private directory.
cryptfs-setup-swapensure that any swap space is encrypted
cryptfs-statPresent statistics on encrypted eCryptfs file
cryptfs-umount-privateeCryptfs private unmount wrapper script.
cryptfs-unwrap-passphraseunwrap an eCryptfs mount passphrase from
cryptfs-verifyvalidate an eCryptfs encrypted home or encrypted pri‐
cryptfs-wrap-passphrasewrap an eCryptfs mount passphrase.
cryptfsduser-space eCryptfs daemon.
cryptoflex-toolutility for manipulating Schlumberger Cryptoflex data
cryptsetupmanage plain dm-crypt and LUKS encrypted volumes
cryptsetup-reencrypttool for offline LUKS device re-encryption
cs2cscartographic coordinate system filter
csbuildtool for plugging static analyzers into the build process
cscdriver program for the CHICKEN Scheme compiler
csclnga compiler wrapper that runs the Clang analyzer in background
cscopeinteractively examine a C program
cscppca compiler wrapper that runs cppcheck in background
csdifftake two lists of defects and output either added or fixed
csepdjvuDjVu encoder for separated data files.
csexecdynamic linker wrapper
csg_boltzmannPart of the VOTCA package
csg_callPart of the VOTCA package
csg_densityPart of the VOTCA package
csg_dlptopolPart of the VOTCA package
csg_dumpPart of the VOTCA package
csg_fmatchPart of the VOTCA package
csg_gmxtopolPart of the VOTCA package
csg_imcrepackPart of the VOTCA package
csg_inversePart of the VOTCA package
csg_mapPart of the VOTCA package
csg_propertyPart of the VOTCA package
csg_resamplePart of the VOTCA package
csg_reupdatePart of the VOTCA package
csg_statPart of the VOTCA package
csgccaa compiler wrapper that runs the GCC analyzer in background
csgrepfilter the list of defects by the specified regex-based predi‐
cshファイル名補完とコマンド行編集を追加した C シェル
cshC shell with file name completion and command line editing
csharpInteractive C# Shell and Scripting
cshtmlformat the input list of defects as a human-readable HTML doc‐
cslinkerextend the list of defects by CWE numbers, scan properties,
csmockrun static analysis of the given SRPM using mock
cssh, crsh, ctel, cconCluster administration tool
cssortsort the given defect list by the selected key
cstrans-df-runtransform RUN line in a Dockerfile
csvprocess CSV files from the command line
csv2poConvert Comma-Separated Value (.csv) files to Gettext PO
csv2tbxConvert Comma-Separated Value (.csv) files to a TermBase
csv2yapetconvert CSV file to YAPET file
csv_to_dbconvert comma-separated-value data into fsdb
csvcatEfficiently concatenate CSV
csvjoinmanual page for csvjoin 3.3.0
csvjoin-2.7manual page for csvjoin-2.7 3.3.0
cswrapgeneric compiler wrapper
ctagsGenerate tag files for source code
ctdbCTDB management utility
ctdb_diagnosticsdump diagnostic information about CTDB/Samba
ctdbdThe CTDB cluster daemon
ctdbd_wrapperWrapper for ctdbd
ctestCTest Command-Line Reference
ctestTesting driver provided by CMake.
ctmgrthe command line utility of the table database API
ctmttesttest cases of the table database API
ctow –
ctplCTPL command-line template parsing tool
ctr [global options] command [command options] [arguments…]
ctransa Computer Graphics Metafile ( CGM ) translator
ctrlaltdelCtrl-Alt-Del 機能の設定
cttesttest cases of the table database API
cuCall up another system
cucodecpopular encoders and decoders
cue2tocconvert CUE to TOC format
cups-browsedA daemon for browsing the Bonjour broadcasts of shared,
cups-calibrateESP CUPS Printer Calibration Tool
cups-configget cups api, compiler, directory, and link information.
cups-genppdgenerate Gutenprint PPD files for use with CUPS
cups-genppdupdateupdate CUPS+Gutenprint PPD files
cupsaccept/cupsrejectaccept/reject jobs sent to a destination
cupsaddsmbexport printers to samba for windows clients
cupsctlconfigure cupsd.conf options
cupsdcups scheduler
cupsdisable, cupsenablestop/start printers and classes
cupsfilterconvert a file to another format using cups filters
cupstestdsctest conformance of postscript files
cupstestppdtest conformance of ppd files
curatormanual page for curator, version 3.0.3
curltransfer a URL
curl-configGet information about a libcurl installation
curlftpfsmount a ftp host as a local directory
cutesttest cases of the on-memory database API
cutesttest cases of the utility API
cvecheckerAttempt to identify possible vulnerable software on the
cvegenversdatGenerate version matching rules for passed on files
cvereportGenerate an HTML report for the cvechecker output
cverulesGenerate version matching rules for installed software on a
cvsConcurrent Versions System
cvsbugsend problem report (PR) about CVS to a central support site
cvscheckOffline status report for files in a checked-out CVS module.
cvsgraphA CVS/RCS repository grapher
cvslastchangeDisplay the last change committed to CVS for a file
cvslastlogPrints the log entry for the last commit for a file.
cvsrevertlastRevert files in CVS by one version
cvtcalculate VESA CVT mode lines
cvtencfile encoding converter
cwebpcompress an image file to a WebP file
cxpmCheck an XPM (X PixMap) file, versions XPM 1, 2, or 3.
cxxmetricSimple source metrics for C and C++
cxxtestgenperforms test discovery to create a CxxTest test runner
cyclea calendar for women
cyradmCyrus administration shell, alter ego of Cyrus::IMAP::Shell
cytunetune driver parameters for Cyclades-Z multiport serial card